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Erika Fatland

Fotograf: Tine Poppe

Photo: Tine Poppe

Latest book

High (2020) 

A journey in the Himalayas

Through Pakistan, India, Bhutan, Nepal and CHina


Shortlisted to the Norwegian Booksellers' Award
and the Brage Prize

Best-selling author Erika Fatland is out with a new, magnificent travelogue: from the Himalayas. The German translation, «Hoch oben» (Suhrkamp), and the Italian translation, «La vita in alto» (Marsilio), were published in 2021. The English (Maclehose) and Spanish (Tusquets) are out in 2022.


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Spectacularly good


A masterpiece



A new top level





Lectures and performances

I give lectures to large and small audiences on an irregular basis, in between my research journeys.  

                  September 6: Mantova Litterature Festival

September 19: Lecture about The Border

at Klepp Library

September 20: Lecture about High

at Bamble Library

September 21: Lecture and conversation

about The Border, Haugesund Folkebibliotek

September 27: Lecture about The Border

at Skedsmokorset bibliotek

28 September: Conversation with Ørjan Nordhus Karlsson at Ibsenhuset, Skien


29 September: Lecture on the Border
              at Rykkinn library

October 6: Presentation of HIGH

         at Stanfords, London

October 8: Cheltenham 

        Literature Festival


About me

I am a writer and social anthropologist.

In recent years, I have mainly written travelogues.  


I give lectures on my books and on a number of other topics such as borders, travel literature

and travel in general. 

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